Want cooperative children

the easy way?

Learn how to in this Online Parenting Program

Where overwhelmed mums + dads

become the parents they want to be…

Does this sound familiar?

  • Whining
  • Fighting
  • Biting
  • Excessive crying
  • Talking back
  • Tantrums
  • Disrespectful
  • Won’t listen
  • Teases siblings
  • Anxious or clingy

Your home can be Peaceful,

Happy + Harmonious

No more overwhelm, feeling out of control with your kids

No more feeling guilt, shame or anger

Feel confident in handling conflict and sibling rivalry

When it comes to parenting,

the most Effective tool

is understanding Emotions

All emotions are a request for action! Actions are driven by emotional needs… Learn to decode the emotion and the need and you can connect and redirect your child in a way that works for both of you.
That’s the philosophy behind everything I do.

Wouldn’t you rather your child be…

  • Cooperative because they want to and not just because they fear you?
  • Listen to and be empathetic to your needs?
  • Respectful and responsible of their actions
  • Proactively solve their own problems instead of running to you?

Here’s how we teach you

the Miracle of Peaceful Parenting…

Register online and gain access to 9 self paced modules + bonus sessions.
Download, watch and listen to audios and videos at a time that suits you.
Join us for discussions on key topics and get clarity and direction.
You’ll get an email with highlights every week to keep you on track!
You have 24 Weeks to complete just 24 hours of learning. Fit it around your life!
Join our like minded community in our private FB group so you can share your wins! (optional)

How is this different

from other parenting courses?

We teach you parenting skills and…

  • Give you practical strategies to implement + time to practice, ask questions, integrate new skills
  • We look at the whole family holistically
  • We help you deal with emotions as they drive actions
  • Peaceful Parenting program works at all ages and ALL relationships (even with the in-laws!)
  • Anxious or clingy
  • We focus on building connection and not disconnecting practices (like rewards/punishments)

Who’s Behind This and

Why Should I Listen to You?

I’ve been there… I am a parent too! I started as a single mum and did it the hard way, then switched to an easier way with my second child. I’ve had to deal with the challenges of a blended family, a child with ADHD, bullying and navigating teenage years. I also worked with parents for over 10 years now! Teaching, coaching and counselling with kids at risk of leaving/being thrown out of home. I’ve made PARENTING MY PASSION as well as my expertise. Let me show you the easy way to parent and build strong relationships.

In addition to being a parenting expert, I also have a Adv Diploma in Counselling & Communications and I’m:

  • A Parent Effectiveness Trainer
  • A Family Constellation Facilitator
  • A NLP Master Coach
  • Trained in Circle of Security (attachment theory/assessment

And with all my experience I live and breath understanding of what we need to do as parents to get the results we want!

But mostly it’s worth investing in these 24 hours of this full program for just $157 because I believe in you and I know you can be that confident parent and have the kind of family you’ve always dreamed of… loving, connected + peaceful…

Let’s get started