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Who We Help…

Wouldn’t it be great to…

  • be able be calm with your kids?
  • stop struggling with your parenting approach?
  • gain cooperation instead of resistance?
  • reduce the likelihood mental health problems in life?
  • connect more deeply with your baby, toddler, child, teenager?
  • see your children as inherently good and leverage that to build a deep connection?
  • understand why your children (and we adults) do the things they do?
  • Mentor your children into thoughtful, confident, resilient, conscious young adults?

We believe we all have the capacity to consciously parent and produce the above results.  Removing the barriers to being a peaceful conscious parent is what we are dedicated to doing.  And we don’t believe this approach and our service just for two parenting households it’s also for:

  • Single parents and co parenting
  • Blended families
  • Prospective parents/couples
  • Grandparents
  • Same sex parents
  • Foster or adoptive parents
  • Parents going through separation or divorce
  • Parents of babies through to young adults
  • Parents of children with special needs
  • Mentors or coaches
  • Teachers and
  • Individuals (wanting deeper relationships with others)

If you fit one of the above… then you are in a nurturing relationship with a young person or planning to… and we know, because you’ve come this far, that you  have the desire to help them improve their chances in this world and accelerate their personal growth and potential.

Regardless of physical, mental or emotional capabilities and despite any negative life experiences your children has had… each child has the ability to achieve their own amazing potential and YOU are capable of providing that environment and encouragement for them to do so. All that is required is a willingness to create a relationship that has the Peaceful Parenting characteristics… such as:
  1. Being authentic and honest with them
  2. Owning your feelings, even when you’re wrong or overwhelmed
  3. Allowing them to be who they are and communicating acceptance
  4. Building emotional intelligence in yourself and the child
  5. Freeing them/yourself from external positive and negative evaluation (turning this into self evaluation)

If you see yourself as being potentially capable of all of the above characteristics… and this program will help you reaching your potential… then you are half way there!  YOU have the Potential!

All you need now is the skills for communicating,  the willingness to take responsibility for yourself, expanding and developing the above characteristics and a way to release your old emotional hurts (so they don’t get in the way).

Peaceful Parenting aims to…

We aim to provide a holistic way of parenting and communicating effectively through providing accessible parenting programs and workshops that:

  • Teach you parenting and effective communication skills,
  • Provide techniques for self managing your emotions
  • Help you heal from childhood events so you can connect deeply to your loved ones and
  • Build strong, resilient, loving relationships.

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