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What ever may be your family struggles (constant fighting, lack of understanding, overwhelm, frustration or feeling like a failure or even like a doormat), or parenting situation (co-parenting, single, divorced or separating, foster or kinship caring) I can help you build resilience back into you and your family.

Many of the families I have helped have had many layers of issues to work through which can be focused on specifically through private sessions. Issues such as:

  • fears and concerns about a child/teens behaviour,
  • rejection issues for one or both parents,
  • feeling trapped and overwhelmed by the parenting responsibilities,
  • children acting out or withdrawing
  • resolving old patterns of behaviour that you can’t seem to shake
  • understanding trauma related behaviour (foster or kinship caring)
  • dealing with extended family and the pressure to do things their way (discipline, punishments and so forth)

Most painful issues (and their underlying causes) can not be dealt with alone as you’re in the middle of it, unable to take an observers point of view and falling back into old patterns (“Oh my god… I just sounded like my mother!”). Taking a breather and talking it through helps get clarity on what’s happening and you get an specific approach, strategy and support for your family. You gain tools and skills for building resilience into your parenting and your relationships. Having me help you through identifying what are the causes and helping you find new solutions and ways of relating to each other will bring about transformation.

It takes some time to delve into the underlying causes of repeating behaviour patterns and beliefs… and the process of change can sometimes be challenging. Having said that, the results that I see routinely, for those that come with an open heart, willingness to examine everything with curiosity and take personal responsibility, are profound. My background in parenting, fostering and family counselling has shown me that for building resilience in families and to change individual behaviour, I need to uncover the underlying issues that create barriers. That could involve:

  • Uncovering and releasing, in one or both parents, the impact of trauma experienced in childhood – reprogramming your response to allow you to act, think and feel more calmly.
  • Looking at the quality of relationships and how behaviours of children can indicate what they need most and how they can miscue you to giving the opposite of what they really need.
  • Suggesting changes to how you manage situations – giving you alternative ways to deal with common issues.
  • Delving into the role of food on the huge impact on behaviour and brain development and healing (very important for children who’ve experienced any childhood trauma – even in the womb!).
  • Encouraging personal and family exercises to bring you together and facilitate building resilience into your relationships.

I approach individual sessions holistically and can apply my skills every step of the way. You can also be assured that your details and situation will be kept confidential.

I can help anyone across the world!

Private support can be offered via:

  • Telephone – this is an easy and affordable options for those anywhere in Australia.
  • Skype/Facetime/Zoom/FB Video – face to face via the internet is not only affordable but also helpful when learning techniques such as EFT.
  • In person – if you’re local to Coffs Harbour, then face to face sessions are available in either your home or at my office. Face to Face options are also available in the cities where we are running our Peaceful Parenting events. Booking ahead will ensure this can be accommodated.
  • Email– email coaching is an option after we’ve had some sessions on either the phone or Skype or in person and you are looking for follow up support.

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