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Peaceful Parenting Program

parenting online programYou can read books and you can attend parenting classes but the research is clear…

What prevents you from implementing any PARENTING strategy…

is your emotions…

Feeling like a failure, guilt, shame or anger all get in the way of you being a peaceful parent. Plus…

Often we react as a result of our emotions and not from a place or understanding that this child actually NEEDS help, needs understanding and needs guidance. So we punish… instead of teach.

The basis of discipline is teaching Vs Punishment which is an act of power and penalty.

In order for our children to thrive… WE NEED TO TEACH THEM how to be in this world… and not from a place of fear but from a practice of integrating the logic and emotional understanding so they make decisions based on the good of others as well as themselves.

Wouldn’t you rather your child be…

  • cooperative because they want to and not just because they fear your reaction?
  • empathetic to your needs?
  • respectful and responsible of their actions?
  • helpful and cooperative around the house?

To do all of this, you need to teach them how…

You need a program that can teach you not only parenting strategies, but where your emotions come from and how to manage your emotions and that of your children.

Peaceful Parenting does that without punishing you or making you feel bad. Plus… We teach you to break the cycle of hurt for your children too!

In the Peaceful Parenting Program you’ll learn skills, release negative thought patterns and learn how to live with your family by creating a positive outlook and expectations.

All this despite any preconditioning you may have experienced with your upbringing.

At the end of program you’ll feel confident to handle any challenging situation and be an amazing mentor and guide to your children.


Parenting Online Course & Coaching

Is this your child?
  • meltdown children toddlerwon’t listen
  • doesn’t help around the house
  • cries continually
  • talks back
  • regular tantrums and emotional meltdowns
  • self harm like…
  • says “I hate you”
  • makes crazy choices
  • says hurtful things.

Let us give you the skills and teach you how to solve these problems with confidence so you can enjoy the family harmony you signed up for.

Our Peaceful Parenting Programs are designed for parents who are ready to:

  • transform (or tweak) their parenting style,
  • learn new ways of dealing with conflict,
  • feel empowered to solve any challenging situation,
  • understand how existing family dynamics affect your relationships,
  • teach their children how to be empathetic and compassionate
  • release old hurts from childhood for the sake of their children and partner , and
  • want the flexibility to do this from home with their partner.

At the end of program you’ll feel confident to handle any challenging situation and be an amazing mentor and guide to your children.


If you’re ready to do the program online, right now, then…

Workshops can bring insight and free you from the shackles of life’s experiences and burdens from the past

If you’re concerned that a workshop would feel too vulnerable… let me assure you that EVERYONE in the room feels the same way and yet… they leave feeling so much lighter, more connected with themselves and with a sense of understanding that they can see translates into action.  Our workshops are safe… confidential… and thoroughly fascinating!  Everyone leaves with new insights into themselves, their partners and children.

In all my years of running workshops on parenting and self development I have never found a process more powerful that Family and Systemic Constellations for helping to uncover what the real issue is and address it.

If you want to be kept informed of when our live face to face workshops are running… pop your name in here or check what we have scheduled now…

If you want a more tailored approach or you’ve done parenting workshops/books to death you and it still hasn’t worked …

Don’t beat yourself up about it!  It may be just about how you learn new skills and perhaps just reading or listening is not enough… you need someone to walk along side of you as you work out what’s going on in your relationships… OR … you need that person (me) to be that non-judgemental, empathetic ear that can help you feel validated and yet also help you find YOUR way in your relationships.

Why not booking an individual Private session

Just drop me an email and we can arrange a time to talk about your situation and see what would work best…

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead… Your children will…

Thank You parenting program