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Explore how to parent peacefully…

How can you parent if you’ve never been taught?

How can you parent when your children are so different from each other?

How do you parent when your partner’s does it differently?

How can you parent and not lose your cool?

How can I parent when my threats and punishments don’t seem to work?

We teach how to parent peacefully in all situations…

From children who are quiet to boisterous, on the spectrum, or off with their imagination, our approach takes into consideration the soul of the child, your experience growing up, your family values, traditions and culture. We provide ways to communicate effectively, gain cooperation out of a willingness to help (rather than fear of consequences) and connect and strengthen relationships and overcome emotional outbursts.

Peaceful Parenting…

Combines the understanding of human and child brain development and behaviour with proven parenting skills, Family & Systemic Constellation Theory and Emotional Freedom Techniques for self healing and management of triggered emotions.

In our program we help you learn how to parent peacefully even in the most challenging moments such as parent/child, child/child conflict. We teach you the art of negotiating in the face of strong emotions and when you’re stuck in the middle of waring family members. We’ll also help you take your ability to return to peace quickly, in your house in within yourself, to a new level.

We offer our program in two ways:

Online Program

If you can’t access a parent workshop, due to distance or because you can’t get child minding, that you have the same opportunity to learn these family transformational skills. We’ve made our Peaceful Parenting program into a 9 module online course which take you through the complete program and connects you with our like minded parenting tribe through forums and online group sessions. You can work through the Peaceful Parenting program at your own pace as we’ve spread it out over 9 modules to help you manage juggling your family life and also get plenty of support and practice for integrating these new skills.


Our face to face workshops offer great a great learning experiences as they allow you to learn in an environment with other individuals and parents that are also experiencing similar challenges to you. As you are in a group environment, you benefit from learning as others are practicing and asking questions, through group and paired exercises and by feeling supported in the shared group experience.

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Parent Retreats

Parent Retreats are about healing from your childhood wounds and releasing old emotions that prevent you from enjoying your children and relationships and live in the current moment fully. It’s face to face and is for those parents committed to transforming into being capable, strong, grounded and empowered parents..

It’s for parents who are..

  • feeling like they aren’t working as a team and can’t seem to agree
  • they have complex family histories of violence, abuse and family secrets which they want to heal from
  • struggling to combine their children from previous relationships
  • feeling like they are failing, not good enough, incapable or expecting the worst

Coming for a Parent Retreat is like boot camp but without the yelling! It’s individual, it’s tailored to your needs and your family circumstances.

If you believe a Parent Retreat could help you… then let’s get into the details of how…

Private Sessions

When you come into your relationship and get married and begin a family, you come with all your past experiences with you. Some parents have the intention and expectation that they will parent differently, love unconditionally and feel a sense of peace, acceptance and joy within their family life. When these expectations are not met or you begin to feel…

  • like a failure as a parent
  • overwhelmed over the responsibility of parenting
  • vulnerable and exposed by your children’s behaviour
  • incapable of coping with their anger, fear or anxiety
  • angry and frustrated with your partner’s way of parenting
  • stressed and isolated because you feel unsupported

Private sessions can transform your emotional climate so you have greater control over your response and capacity to deal with the challenges. Just listen to what some of our clients have experienced…

If you are ready to gain control over your emotions so you can parent peacefully, then find out how…

Peaceful parenting Workshops and online programs

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