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Peaceful Families Foundation


Trauma informed comprehensive carer support, training and assessment

Consulting services and support, assessment and training for OOHC/Permanency Support Program agencies and government departments.  The Peaceful Families Foundation provides:

  • Shared Lives Training
  • Carer General, Kinship and Transfer Step by Step Assessments and complex reviews/re-assessments
  • Carer development through training and one-on-one coaching
    • Tuning into Teens/kids
    • Attachment Training – for carers/parents of traumatised children
    • Negotiating skills with children with control issues
  • Carer support and guidance to build placement stability
  • Adolescent workshops to support restoration or stabilising the placement
We provide our consulting services from experience as an ACWA Step by Step Assessor, foster carer, trainer and therapist.

Assessments and Reviews

Standard assessments and carer reviews assume that there are minor issues or concerns with the applicants/carers and can be done in a single block session. Complex assessments and carer reviews acknowledge a complex applicant history based on their life story and/or complex relationship and history with agency staff.  The assessment can be divided into mulitple sessions and be stopped if necessary. See below for further details or contact us today…

Training & Group work

The carer journey from the begining needs to be held thoughtfully and having a trainer who is trauma informed and experienced.  We can run a variety of training including Shared Lives and Tuning into kids/teens and therapeutic parenting (PACE in detail with self awareness). We also offer needs based training and groupwork to assist agencies to address gaps in skills and knowledge for carers, parents (going through restoration) and for staff development. See details below or contact us today…

Carer or Parent Support

If the placement is under strain or at risk of breakdown, we can go in and provide support, one on one coaching and help carers to understand behaviours, understand their own response and stablise the placement. For restoration of children back to parents or family, we can support the family to rebuild their attachment,  understand the child’s signalling for their needs to be met and understand their own emotions and reactions. See details below or contact us today…

Standard General and Kinship Assessments & Carer Reviews
For our standard assessments and carer reviews, our consulting service assumes that the agency has deemed that there are minor issues or no concerns with the applicants/carers.  This ensures that the assessment and carer review interview(s) and can be done in a block session.  For example:

  • General and Kinship assessment interviews are conducted over 2 days and assume the agency has conducted suitable probity and suitability checks and gathered the applicant’s life story. Home safety checks can be completed during the review if necessary.
  • Carer Reviews require a single phone call to the caseworker prior and the reviews is conducted in one interview.  Home safety checks can be completed during the review if necessary.
Complex Carer Assessments & Carer Reviews
Complex assessments and carer reviews acknowledge a complex applicant history based on their life story, family dynamic that needs to be determined and managed, and/or complex carer relationship and history with agency staff.  These are approached by:

  • Complex Assessment – Life story is provided as part of the request for services so that an individual assessment plan is developed and agreed upon and invoice is divided into 1-2 stages.  It may require that the assessment begins in the areas of concern and the initial interview is discussed with appropriate agency staff before the remaining assessment interviews can be conducted.  If the agency chooses to halt the assessment, the agency will be provided with a written report to provide evidence of the applicant’s failure to meet carer competencies.  The agency will be given a two part invoice which allows for the assessment to be stopped at the early stage, if appropriate, and the first stage(s) paid for.
  • Complex Review – Casework staff are invited to meet and provide input into the review to provide background information on their carer concerns.  Casework concerns will need to have been raised with the carers as part of normal casework or investigation process, prior to the review.  The carers will be provided the opportunity to address these concerns and/or allegations as part of the review.  The assessor will also identify a plan with the carers to help address the concerns and/or rebuild relationships with caseworkers or agency staff.  The assessor will provide evidence carer competencies to support agency decision making and finalising of investigation outcomes.
Carer/Parent Learning and Development
Peaceful Families Foundation offers learning and development for carers, parents (as part of restoration) and staff.  Consulting with agencies around the training needs and delivery will ensure

Training Facilitator for
Shared Lives Tuning Into Teens Tuning Into Kids Attachment Training Therapeutic caring for children who have experienced trauma Therapeutic parenting for restoration of children

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