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Your Parent’s Retreat

A weekend away where you have the space to get clarity, understand on your relationship dynamics, gain new connection skills, find the answers to your questions and walk away with the confidence to be the kind of parent you really want to be.


I am so passionate about parenting being a joyous experience for both parents and children. It breaks my heart to hear parents worry and beat themselves up when they make mistakes, when they fight with their partners over parenting and when they think they are doing damage to their children ….. that’s why I teamed up with my amazing mentor, Margarete Koenning… a relationships expert and we created this weekend for you.

The parent retreat – For parents that want to be the best parent they can be…

Does this sound like you?

  • You lose your temper at your children even though you love them so much
  • You are afraid the way you are parenting may be damaging your children
  • You often wonder am I good enough to parent
  • You want to know how to remain calm and teach your children when they do wrong
  • You want your children to listen to you


You’ve come to the right place… What you are feeling is normal but these feelings can really get in the way of a loving relationships with your partner and children.

This is a weekend all about YOU.

Space, time and new knowledge for you to seriously open up your parenting connection and skills.

Here’s an example of our daily parent retreat:

7:00am – 8:00am – Wake up in the beautiful tranquil surrounding and enjoy your breakfast

8:00am – 9:30am – Enjoy time alone, with your partner and with the kids in the amazing beach and resort surrounds

9:30am – Check in time with the group

10:00am – Blasting away relationship barriers

12:30pm – 1:30pm – Scrumptious lunch

1:30pm – 3:00pm – Skills and tools to help you connect in all circumstances

3:30pm – 5:30pm – Looking at what pushes our buttons

Although you’ll leave feeling rejuvenated this parent retreat is really about:

  • Spending time in a supportive environment to explore the deeper issues around why some families find it hard to find peace.
  • We will explore and heal your family dynamics as well as help you to release any residual old beliefs and values that no longer serve your family.



Much of our history has to do with our deeper issues as well as our past and potentially future family issues.  Many times, old family secrets, traumas, events and belief systems are carried through the family tree to affect those who live now and will be carried onto your children unless you stop the pattern now.

The big stuff, what do we REALLY give you on this parent retreat:

  1. Understand how some old hurts still haunt you and learn tools to recognise and let them go.
  2. Learn what is really happening in your family… Understand the dynamics, the real reasons for your relationship challenges and why it’s so hard to make everyone happy and get along!
  3. Help you move out of that negative reaction and into a place of harmony with yourself and family.
  4. Learn how to express yourself without doing damage to your relationship and developing little souls
  5. Identify that inner feeling that signals you’ve done the right thing.


It’s never too late to start over with your parenting and relationships

You don’t have to give up on yourself. You also don’t have forever either… those little ones do grow up!

And we have the biggest role in their lives… the biggest responsibility to be there and bring all of ourselves to that relationship.

Learn how to bring your WHOLE SELF to your parenting WITHOUT the baggage of yesterday.


Claiming your spot on this parent’s retreat is easy! Though… be warned, we do limit the numbers to ensure every parent/couple gets individual attention and support. Just head on over to our Workshop and Events page and see when our next one is running.