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Frequently asked questions

Parenting FAQs


Can I do this program without the other parent being involved?
Yes. We respect each parent’s views and rights to parent according to their beliefs and values and it’s fine for you to follow this program without them. We find that when a parent follows this program (as an individual) and implements the strategies, communication between parents improves and the other parent quite often is influenced (by the positive outcomes) to change how they are approaching issues.
Does this program work for all ages?
This program is for parents of children of all ages, that’s the beauty of it!
It doesn’t segregate children into boxes or behaviours or even types. The added advantage of this program is that you can apply the principles to all of life’s situations including work, friends, family, extended family and so forth.
What sets this program apart from a normal PET class?
One area that is missed by most parenting programs is understanding what makes you tick, what sets you off (when your response is excessive), why you feel hurt, misunderstood, rejected, angry and so forth. We help you to uncover what old childhood patterns are influencing your parenting approach and if they don’t work for you, how to release them once and for all.
Do you have any online programs I could follow?
We are developing and online parenting program for parents who live outside of the capital cities and overseas.
The best way to ensure you are kept inform of the progress is to sign up for our newsletters. Click here to do that.
What about discipline? Does this program talk about that?

We will be discussing discipline and how we approach it using the Peaceful Parenting techniques.

We don’t advocate hitting or spanking a child, so if you’re set on that approach, you may find it helpful to have an open mind to finding other ways to get your message across. We can help you, if you want, to release that urge as it’s not very conducive to a peaceful household (especially not for those being hit).

Can you provide help on a one on one basis?

Yes we can.

Please see our Private Sessions page for further details.

Are there other Peaceful Parenting workshops in Australia or will you be coming to my town?

I would love to come to you and run a workshop!

I just need the appropriate amount of people to do that, so if you’re prepared to help me get it going, then I’ll certainly turn up! Just contact me and we can have a chat about it.

Family & Systemic Constellations FAQs


What is Family / Systemic Constellations (FSC)?

Visit this page or watch a short video

You can find out what Family / Systemic Constellations is through here or you can watch this short video…

Do I need to have children or a partner to participate in Family / Systemic Constellations?


Your intention for shifting your baggage doesn’t require that you have children or even a partner! It’s called Family / Systemic Constellations to reflect that often all of our physical, emotional, spiritual health comes back to our family of origin and sometimes even our ancestors. So you can work on anything! It’s not restricted to family relationships or behavioural problems of children. You can often look at other non family related issues such as business relationships, success and even sporting team dynamics.

I don't want to put my 'stuff' out there in a workshop! Is there another way?


The most powerful experience I had was in a FSC workshop of 60+ people and it was totally “blind”. I wasn’t required to give any background of the issue, any details that made me feel vulnerable or even any exposing emotions of the shift I felt. It was amazing! Totally transformational and even those in the room felt it powerfully and yet knew nothing about what the underlying issue was. I offer that same experience in every single workshop. You don’t need to share anything you don’t want to. It’s incredibly safe that way and sometimes more powerful. Also, you can also have a FSC experience in a private one on one session.

I don't have family issues but I would like to know why I can't... 'insert issue here'... Would FSC work?


The amazing phenomenon around FSC is that it helps us uncover what blocks us from having what we want in our lives. Sometimes it’s not due to our parents! Sometimes it has to do with a family ancestor that had something terrible happen to them and as a result, a family secret or pattern was developed that has stuck. This can be carried down unconsciously and end up impacting your life/your kids life/your partner’s life!

We can also look at business and team/group dynamics and uncover issues in the structure and find a clear path forward to resolving it. A very clear example of this is when I worked with a project team that was failing to meet their target. When we uncovered the team and stakeholders we discovered the dynamics were not working and could see how to shift the key players to make the project work more effectively.

Is FSC for everyone?


In order for change to happen for any of us, we have to really want it. Often the fear of change is enough for people not to seek help even though their life is so painful. Intention and permission is really important in FSC! There’s nothing harder to watch that having someone in my room or at a workshop that is struggling and cannot yet find that tipping point of wanting any change to happen. I’ve learned not to try and force it… change comes from within first… then FSC can be one of the paths to help. Often total acceptance of the person, right where they are now, is the first step.

What can't I address in a FSC workshop?

There is so much that FSC can look at…

after all it was developed in Germany and they have a lot of trauma in their history! FSC is also widely used for business/corporations/associations/sporting groups etc. Anywhere there is relationships, outcomes and a light to be shined on what’s actually happening.

What is not good to work on is someone else’s problem! For example.. ‘I want to know whether my husband will ever heal his father issues’. The intention of FSC is to look at your relationship to the problem and not fix another person. Come seeking answers to a struggle you have… that’s a better intention to hold.

Are there other FSC workshops in Australia or will you be coming to my town?

There are workshops going on all the time all around Australia.

I am just one person who does this and I know of some amazing coaches, therapists, psychologists who are very good at running FSC workshops. If you are looking for a recommendation, then email me and I’ll point you towards them. I’d love to travel more around Australia and I have run workshops in, Coffs Harbour, Canberra and Byron Shire. I’m always happy to travel and just need 10 willing participants. We can also combine it with other skills such as parenting! Just contact me if you want to get a workshop up and running near you.