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Constellation Workshops

Would you like to experience a way of breaking free from those unconscious shackles that hold you back from fully experiencing joy, good health, success and loving relationships?


A Constellation workshop can deliver that and more…

It gives you

  • Clarity – see the issue clearly for the first time from an observers perspective.  Stepping outside of the issue gives you the bigger picture.
  • Insight – feel the magic of seeing how your issue is connected to others.  You begin to realise how much you are connected to your family and those in your life.
  • Magic – see how just some simple movements can change your inner picture and empower you to make truly conscious choices.  Reveal the unconscious and you then can change what you’ve been programed to do.
  • Healing – move towards healing the past and embracing your future.  The past is often what holds us back!  Releasing unconscious burdens, agreements and patterns sets you free.

It’s a phenomenon… literally…

To explain how it works would take some time and I know you don’t really want the theory, you want to know what it does for you… so why don’t I just give you that first?

Family & Systemic Constellations can uncover the hidden, unconscious relationship entanglements that:

  • Stop us from connecting deeply or even at all with our partners/lovers/children
  • Succeeding in goals – career, health, financial, personal… our sabotaging part of us
  • Create illness in us, mental or physical
  • Lead us to addictions and excessive behaviours
  • Make us feel unworthy, unloved or alone
  • Prevent blended families from running smoothly
  • Stop adopted children from feeling part of the family or parents from accepting them
  • Keep us out of stepping fully into our life, our purpose and our joy
  • Stem from our primary attachments (to our parents) and allow us to look at the issues in our lives related to that.
  • Form the basis of inherited patterns of abandonment, disconnection, self worth and addiction and excessive behaviours
Here's how Family Constellation it works
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FAQs for Family Constellation Workshops

It’s gentle…

It’s powerful…

It’s permanent…

All internal shifts you have for your perspective on the world are integrated at a deep unconscious level.  After all, it’s our unconscious that drives everything we do.

So if you suspect this may apply to you…
If you’ve tried everything and your issues still remains…
If you don’t want your children to repeat family patterns that you seem fated to pass on…
If you don’t know what the origins of your family issues are or why they still persist…
If you want answers… and to work on the cause and not just the symptoms..


Then come along to one of our workshops or contact us for a private session.

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