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Family & Systemic Constellation Workshop – Coffs Harbour – 11-12 Aug 2018

When Saturday & Sunday 11th and 12th August 2018 – 9:30 am – 4:30 pm

Super early bird price ends 30 March 2018

Early bird price ends 30 June 2018

constellation workshopsThe benefits of a Constellation workshop are amazing:

•    Resolution for stubborn or hidden issues blocking your happiness & success
•    Experience a supportive and safe environment
•    You feel great helping others in their journey
•    Witnessing others resolving issues that also touch your story

Just some of the issues that can be looked at within a Constellation workshop include:

•    Relationships issues – current and previous hurts, especially relationship patterns
•    Health concerns – long term, chronic conditions, disease etc
•    Mental health issues – depression, anxiety, compulsions
•    Barriers to reaching goals – financial, personal, health, career etc
•    Business issues such as financial, client challenges and even team dynamics
•    Unresolved grief, anger and fears
•    Abuse – physical or emotional
•    Addictions or compulsive behaviour
•    Family and ancestry belief patterns

What is Family Constellation? A way of resolving the impact of trauma in your life…

Trauma is transmitted from one generation to the next implicitly through our memory and DNA, often despite parents best efforts. This trauma is replayed over and over again in relationships, or manifests as symptoms or issues in individual family members. The function of these symptoms is to attract the attention of skilled healers who can get to the origins of the issues safely, so that resolution, meaning making and ritual can occur to restore balance and wholeness.

Through Constellation processes a new picture of resolved trauma and a felt sense of support is experienced – creating healing imaged and somatic memories to support new life, free of entanglements from the past.

Pioneered by Bert Hellinger, Family and Systemic Constellations is a current mainstream Counselling practice in Eastern European Countries affected by War & Trauma and is informed by Gestalt Therapy (Field Theory & Phenomenology), Attachment & Experiential schools of Family Therapy, and Indigenous healing rituals.

Who is this for?

Anyone wanting to work on a particular issue, relationship or physical symptom. Also good for anyone who works in the human service industry with individuals, groups or families affected by relational trauma or symptoms of illness.

Participants have the opportunity to look at dynamics in their own life or work where members of the group “represent” parts of the family, issue, symptom, or organization so that relationships between parts can be easily seen. These ‘representatives’ share information from their experience and with this new awareness, space for healing movements and sentences open up restoring the natural “Orders of Love”. This is often a powerful healing process where somatic and relational resources are put in place to support the individual to work through issues respectfully and safely. A new picture and experience of felt relational support are essential elements for recovery, and making sense and meaning of the trauma. This workshop is designed for service providers to experience Constellation work and to consider how they may use this is to inform their own practice. New skills are ‘experienced’ so that practitioners can put themselves in their client’s shoes, and are able to communicate this to their clients if considering this approach. Constellation work gets to the heart of issues quickly freeing clients up from the entanglements of the past holding them back from connecting with their life waiting for them.


“It was a life changing weekend for me Vanessa. The depth of insight, the clarity of a different perspective, the ‘Aha’ moments, the release and the rawness and realness. It was an amazing experience, I walked away with a healed heart on the issues I worked through. I would definitely come to another workshop, so powerful. Crazy good x Blessed to have been a part of it” Anthea, Coffs Harbour

“I will be back, and I have not felt this way in over a decade. I feel so relaxed, like an uncoiled spring. How I feel now I wish to improve and continue.” Campbell, Grafton

“I’m very glad I came to the workshop.  I appreciated seeing other people get some closure and I let go of the shame for my own actions in my past.  I feel that a shift has happened in my heart and in myself so I can move forward in my life.  It was a wonderful experience.” Jo, Macksville

For further questions (such as “What if I don’t have children?” or “I don’t want other people to know my “stuff” so is this right for me?”) please read our FAQs on Constellations here …

More information about Constellations can be read here…

Bookings Essential A minimum of 10 people participating in this workshop is required before the course confirmation can occur.


Facilitators Matt Dilges and Vanessa Lewis:

Matt Dilges is a child, Adolescent & Family Therapist with over 18 years experience.  He is also Lecturer, Trainer and Supervisor across Education, Health, Disability and Child Protection areas in QLD and has presented at the Australian Trauma Conference in 2016. Matt has been a Constellation Facilitator since 2011 and is a specialist in working with Attachment and Trauma impacting on Family and Organisational Systems.

 Vanessa Lewis

Vanessa is a local Coffs Harbour facilitator & therapist specialising in parenting and foster carer relationships, trauma and self esteem who loves working with Family Constellation, EFT and NLP over the last 10+ years. She is currently working with Foster Parents in building strong attachments and therapeutic parenting.


When & Where…

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Date(s) - 11/08/2018 - 12/08/2018
9:30 am - 4:30 pm

38 Hardacre St
Coffs Harbour


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